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Warranty Policy as to Different Parts of Asahi Products

5-YEAR for all electric Fan motors from date of purchase;
1-YEAR for all small kitchen appliances like gas stoves, blenders, ovens and others as to its Main Operating Component from date of purchase;
6-MONTH or Remainder of the original warranty period for all repaired/replaced motors or main operating component stated above in A and B from date of repair/ replacement, whichever is longer;
All other accessory parts of the product not mentioned above are Not Covered by warranty.
Kindly ask customer and sales personnel to assist customer to check these mainly external plastic parts carefully during time of purchase so that no breakage or damage exists. Nevertheless, all these accessory parts are available for sale and service anytime;
Lifetime FREE Service for all Asahi products. The term “lifetime free service” means there is NO service/ labor charge when servicing defective unit.