Welcome to Asahi


Asahi Electrical Manufacturing Corporation was established in 1982. It all started with one product, the Spiro Aire electric fan, which captured the market because of its convertibility, ease of use, durability, and affordability. From then on, it even added more products to meet the demand for small appliances.


It is our vision to introduce products with better features and to become one of the country’s leading brands of home appliances.


At Asahi Electrical Mfg. Corp., we strive to provide quality and innovative home appliances that give our customer the best value for their money and an exceptional experience. To do this, we will continually seek to improve our after-sales service and our technology will constantly be updated to keep up with the changing demand of the Philippine market. For outstanding financial performance and sustainable growth, production efficiency will be improved through research-and-development efforts. As our partners in growth, our employees will grow with us and we will ensure healthy labor relations within the company. In addition, we will seek to improve our community through activities that benefit the society and the environment. Furthermore, we will prioritize utmost integrity in all business practices.